Switching from a Personal Instagram Profile to a Business Instagram Profile

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

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If you are a business or a brand, I always recommend making the switch to a Business Profile on Instagram. It has a ton of advantages for businesses, especially in the way of marketing:

Access to analytics

Once switching to a Business Profile, you will have access to analytics that can help you shape your content strategy. Analytics include interactions like profile visits and website clicks and discovery analytics which include reach and impressions. Content analytics are also provided which details analytics surrounding your content like how many posts and stories were posted this week and a breakdown of engagement for every post and story. Audience analytics provide you with information on your followers, like where they are located, how old they are, their gender and what time of day they use Instagram.

Contact Information

A Business Profile also has the ability to provide it's followers with contact buttons in the bio. Followers can easily click 'Email,' 'Text,' 'Call,' and/or 'Get Directions' straight from your profile. This can be completely customized in the backend, meaning if you only want people to contact you in the way of email, you can set up one button just for that.


Only Business Profiles can run advertisements on Instagram. So if you think you're going to want to dabble in ads, a business profile is right for you. Ads are run through Facebook and have all the same Facebook capabilities (which is...a lot). Promoted Posts is also an option with business profiles and much like 'boosting' a post on Facebook. Promoted Posts can be implemented with one tap, right on Instagram.

Adding Links in Stories

Business Profiles can add links in their stories (yes!). One have to have 10K+ followers to be qualified for this functionality.

*Don't worry, this is totally doable! If you need help growing your following, check out Yooreka's Instagram Follower Growth service.

Enough details already, here's how you can make the switch:

Ensure that your Instagram profile is not set on Private, Private profiles cannot switch to Business Profiles.

When viewing your Instagram profile on your mobile device, tap the three bar menu at the top right. Once the menu expands, tap 'Settings' at the bottom.

Scroll down through the options to find 'Switch to Business Profile.' Tap that.

Continue through as Instagram takes you through the explanation of Business Profiles until it asks you to connect to your Facebook page. Find your Facebook Business Page, select and click next.

You will then be taken through to set up your contact buttons. Once that's all set, select 'Done.'

Congratulations, you are now an official business on Instagram!

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