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Share your Instagram Story

With Instagram Stories continuous growth, it's no surprise that new features are coming out of the woodwork to emphasize the already larger-than-life impact of Stories. A new functionality was rolled out this week that allows users to share links directly to their Instagram Stories. This is a unique link that can be shared anywhere (think Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters).

This new feature is great for brands as it drives your audience (beyond Instagram) to your Stories for more visibility. Say you're running a poll or a contest via Instagram Stories, well now you can get the word out and expand participation by sharing the direct link to the particular story.

Here's how to share Story links:

1. Tap ‘Your Story’ at the top left of your screen

2. Select the Story that you want to share

3. Tap the three dots above ‘More’ at the bottom right of your Story

4. Tap ‘Share Link To Entire Story’

5. Copy the link and share!


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