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4 Reasons to Use Instagram Story Templates

2019 continues to be all about the Instagram Stories.

Stories have over 400 million active users...DAILY. That is double the size of Snapchat's daily users! So if you didn't already know, now you have got to be utilizing this functionality on Instagram to be seen! Especially since the Instagram algorithm changes and how heavily it now relies on feature usage. (For more about that, download the 2019 Best Practices Guide for Businesses on Instagram!)

With so many daily users, there are loads of opportunities to get your content in front of the right people. At the same time, if there are so many users, what can you do to stand out? Luckily, there are many third party apps that provide Story templates, so that you can keep your Story game strong.

Image: @unfold

4 reasons to use Story templates

1. Distinction

As mentioned above, it's important to do everything possible stand out in a large sea of Instagram Stories. With Story templates, you'll find many fun and intriguing designs that set you a part from other Stories which will spark the interest of your viewers.

2. Professionalism

The templates are professionally designed and using them will give you a leg up... compared to other DIY Stories with scribbled writing that's difficult to read. Templates are an easy-breezy way to create high quality content.

3. Brand Recognition

Carry your branding out through your Stories. The more people that see your consistent branding, the more recognizable and memorable your brand will become. The Story feature is another opportunity to make a lasting impression.

4. Creativity

Every Story template app has many, many different designs to choose from (some are free, some are not). This provides you with a ton of ideas for Story design that you wouldn't necessarily think of, which is a huge time-saving bonus!

(P.S. Yooreka's favorite app for Story templates is Unfold).


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