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Geotagging on Instagram - Why is it Important?

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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Geotagging: The process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media.

Geotagging on Instagram is the functionality that you can use to include a location to each of your posts. Each post should be sent out including a geotag, here are the two huge reasons why:


If you have a storefront, you should geotag the location of your store in every Instagram post. If you’re using hashtags properly, others will find your posts from them and have the option to tap on the geotag to view posts from others at your location as well as a map of your location. Essentially, if you’re geotagging and hashtagging your posts in tandem with each other, you’re increasing your chances of location discovery and maximized visibility.


If you don’t have a storefront, or are a business participating in a community event you can geotag your location in a more broad manner. For example, if you don’t have a storefront, geotag your posts to your city, like ‘Denver, Colorado.’ Your post will then go directly be added to the conglomerate of other posts with ‘Denver, Colorado’ geotagged. If users are scrolling through the ‘Denver, Colorado’ geotag, they will stumble across your post and discover your content and in-turn, your business.

It’s the same idea if you’re involved in a community event, like a farmer’s Market. If you’re a vendor, throw up your post of your booth at the farmer’s market and geotag the farmer’s market. Viewers of that particular farmer’s market location will see your post and have the opportunity to look more into your content and business via Instagram.

Geotagging is another way to increase visibility and make your business more discoverable, especially if used with proper hashtag best practices!


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