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How to Turn Consumers into Free Marketers

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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One of the most valuable results of successful social media is turning your followers, fans and consumers into free marketers. If you follow the guidelines below, your brand’s social media engagement efforts will not only excel but you will also create free digital marketers.


Always include CTA’s (call to actions) in your posts to followers. If your followers are already fans, chances are high that they will abide and follow your instructions. Examples would include “Share this Facebook post to spread the love!” or “Post an Instagram from our store that includes the hashtag #brandhashtag.”


Let’s take it a step further and not only ask but add a bonus or incentive that users receive or have the chance to receive by posting. Examples of this would include “Share this Facebook post to spread the love, we are selecting winners from those who share and they will receive gift cards to the store!” or “Post an Instagram from inside our store that includes the hashtag #brandhashtag. We will be selecting one winner from those who post to win a shopping spree for our store!”


Creating consistent brand identity is important, even in your hashtag! Once you have nailed down that specific and unambiguous hashtag, promote the sh*t out of it. Add it to all of your social posts, if you have storefront or physical business place, ensure that it’s plastered somewhere that is easily seen by all. By promoting your brand’s hashtag alongside your brand itself, you’re automatically ingraining the hashtag in their when they do go to post something from or about your business, they don’t think twice about including your brand hashtag. Of course, the more your brand hashtag is used (by your brand and by your fans), the more your business is being exposed to the digital world, making it easy for others to discover you.


Let’s refer back to the blog post “Creating a Better Looking World, One Post at a Time.” If your business has a storefront or physical place of business, make it aesthetically pleasing enough for followers to want to post!  Whether that be a dentist office, a retail store, a food truck, a taco stand, even a promotional vehicle, make it stand out, make it beautiful and make it worthy of being included in a consumer’s post. As a bonus, if you’re following the guidelines above for promoting your brand hashtag, the person will most likely include the hashtag in their post, once again making it even easier for others to find you.

  • Promote your brand hashtag to the max to ensure your consumers have it down

  • Incentivize others to share and you’ll get even more in return

  • Promote your brand hashtag to the max to ensure your consumers have it down

  • Make your space beautiful and unique people are way more likely to post something that is pleasing to the eye

  • The more your consumers or potential consumers post about your business, the more your business will be seen across social media channels. Social media is being used as a browser more and more every day, make sure you’re out there!


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