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The 5 W's of Hashtags on Instagram

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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Hashtags are a crucial component in any Instagram strategy! They can also be widely misused and misunderstood. Understand the basics and utilize hashtags to the fullest by following the 5 W’s of hashtags:


Anyone with a business account on Instagram should use hashtags!


Think of hashtags as keywords. When creating your hashtags, try to put yourself in your potential consumers shoes. What are they searching to find content similar to yours? Create your hashtags based on those findings and use different variations to cover all grounds (i.e.: #denvermusic #musicdenver). You can use up to 30 hashtags in each post, use as many as possible! The more you use the larger chance you have of reaching the most people possible.


Because it’s recommended to use the maximum number of hashtags possible, you don’t want to crowd the caption with them. Too many hashtags in a caption can easily and quickly turn viewers off as it can come off as desperate and spammy. However, there are workarounds and you should use them! Each time you post, include a caption in your initial post. Once you have posted, add a comment right under the caption that include your hashtags. This works perfectly as the hashtags are still just as powerful in the comment below the caption and Instagram hides all comments from displaying under the caption unless clicked by the viewer, so they are not apparent to someone scrolling through.


Every single post on Instagram should be accompanied with hashtags. The purpose of hashtags are to reach as many people as possible by using keywords. If you don’t include well-thought hashtags in your posts, it won’t be seen by users searching for content that you are providing.


By using thoughtful hashtags (keywords), you are automatically increasing your reach and visibility with every post. You are making it easier for people to find your business and your offerings!

  • Every business on Instagram should use hashtags on Instagram!

  • Hashtags are keywords, they are what your potential customers are using to search for products, ideas and businesses

  • Never post all of your hashtags in the caption, use the comment below the caption to post as many hashtags as possible

  • Use hashtags each time you post!

  • Hashtags increase your reach, creating more visibility and potential followers and in-turn, creating new customers!


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