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Listening to your Social Media Audience Will Boost Your Business

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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Social media provides a great platform for customer engagement. Customers can easily see what’s new with your business, its offerings and/or products. Not to mention, you can find your specific customer and demographic on social channels through hashtags, targeting and ads to ensure the right people are catching what you’re throwing out there. These are all points you’re probably already aware of...but what if you listened close enough to the social engagement your business receives that you could confidently make business and marketing decisions based off of that information?

One of my beloved clients is a very talented contemporary abstract painter and we’ve been posting consistently on Instagram for a few months now. Her follower count is steadily growing which means she is seeing more fan engagement in terms of likes and comments. There are a couple of paintings that have a significantly higher number of likes and comments than the others and ironically (or, not at all), they are all the same style and similar color pallet. By taking notice to what her fans respond to most, she has focused on creating more paintings similar to those, maximizing her engagement (and sales!). We have even created an upcoming campaign that focuses solely on that style of paintings. Giving the people what they want!

Moral of the story, if you listen to your fan comments, replies, RT's and pay attention to the number of likes you're receiving you can then direct your business approach based off that information and you will likely see results. TGFSM (thank god for social media), to provide yet another great way to not only connect with your customer and fan base, but also to make informed business decisions based off of those connections and feedback.

  • Listen and you will learn!

  • Act on those findings and you’re likely to see results

  • Stay consistent on social media to continue building your follower base, this will ensure more engagement, which will lead to more insight that can help you make informed business decisions


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