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4 Reasons your Brand Should be Using Instagram’s New Feature

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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On Wednesday, Instagram released a blog announcing a new feature that allows users to add up to 10 photos at once, in a slideshow fashion of sorts. This feature was not released with any specific name, in the meantime, we are going to name it ourselves; Instagram Galleries. Instagram galleries allows you to upload up to ten photos or videos (including Boomerangs) at once. These galleries will be displayed like a slideshow that viewers can scroll through horizontally.

This new feature, brings new opportunities to businesses on Instagram, hooray! Here are four ways your business can use the new feature:


If you sell physical products, think about how those products can be grouped together and promoted as a series. For example, let’s say you own a clothing boutique. Spring is approaching and you’d like to highlight the new clothing in your store that would be perfect for spring. Create an Instagram gallery of multiple styles like skirts, hats, tanks, etc. Another example would be to feature a certain category of clothing, like hats. Snap a picture of different hats in your boutique to really push people to come in for that specific product. These galleries really create a lot of possibilities, so get creative!


Opposite of the above, the new gallery feature can also be used to display the variety in your products or offerings. Say you are a professional photographer and you shoot weddings, family portraits and live concerts. Instead of appealing to one specific group, show different demographics that you can do it all! Post one picture of a family portrait, another from a wedding, a newborn session, a concert, and a sports action-shot and upload them all together. Users will be able to see the diversity in the services you are offering in one place without them having to really go searching for those answers.


As mentioned before, Instagram’s new feature offers a ton of new possibilities which creates a ton of room for creativity. Try to brainstorm the different ways you can use the galleries that would be appealing to your specific audience. Think about telling a story with the images or videos from the first image in the gallery to the last, think about teasing a certain product or announcement with the gallery posts by giving hints in each one. If it helps, even think of the galleries as Instagram Stories, but these don’t disappear. How do you already utilize your stories on Instagram? Can you use the same tactics for the galleries or take it to another level?


Galleries create a way for brands to share multiple images and/or videos without diluting viewers feeds, which is generally a huge turn off to see 10 posts in a row from the same brand/person.  Take advantage of this feature! The more content you push out to your followers, the more content will be digested. If you’re offering more information to your audience, they will have more information about your offerings and/or products. If they don’t feel like scrolling through your gallery, then they won’t, whereas repercussions of posting multiple individual posts in a row is likely to result in a large unfollowing.

A few things to know about the new feature:

Videos can be up to 60 seconds long

Photos and videos are restricted in size to be square

You can use different tags in each photo, but can only use one location tag and caption for the entire gallery/series

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

  • Use the new Instagram galleries to create categories and groupings of what you’re selling, organizing your content making it easy for your audience to understand

  • Use galleries to show off the variety in your offerings to eliminate any confusion while showing off diversity

  • Get creative! With this, remember to stay on brand. If you generally use a certain filter for all of your posts, carry that filter through in your galleries. If you don’t use a specific filter or trademark in your branding, think about doing so, starting with galleries!

  • The more you put out, the more is received...which results in the more you get back!


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