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Breaking Down Instagram Live With Seven Reasons Your Business Should Be Using The Feature

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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Live streaming appears to be taking over our social media channels, from Periscope, Facebook Live and now to Instagram Live. Capitalize on the benefits of live streaming by understanding how it works and various ways to push out content to directly engage with your customers. Read on!

  1. With Instagram’s new feed algorithm, it’s not guaranteed your posts will be seen. By implementing Instagram Live, you can be at the top of your fans feeds (same goes for Instagram Stories, so hop on that too)

  2. As long as your fans don’t have this notification turned off in their settings, they will get notifications every time you go live so they can tune in

  3. Unlike other social media streaming platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live, Instagram Live videos are not saved (unless it makes it to the Instagram live feed which is curated based on geography and views), making it an avenue for a large amount of views as it is time sensitive

  4. Live = active. Show your fans that you are active and putting the effort into providing them with engaging content

  5. Use Instagram Live to engage with your customers and fans, answer questions, do shout-outs, announce contest winners, etc. The feature has the option to turn viewer comments on so you can literally answer questions or comments as you're live

  6. Push your digital branding out on a new avenue, show your customers the face, voice, or vibe of your company. Behind the scenes content makes fans feel included and exclusive

  7. You can use this tool to prep fans for a big announcement or new product launch by posting on social networks before going live to increase views


  • Instagram Live is good! It creates engagement while interacting directly with your customers

  • Go in prepared, make sure your Live videos stay within your branding (your brand voice should be consistent whether it’s projected by sound, text, or images)


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