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5 Ways to Brand your Social Media

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

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Creating consistent and cohesive branding across marketing is important for multiple reasons. It makes your brand easily-recognizable to your audience, it’s a way to visually connect your multiple marketing platforms visually, it can make your brand look professional and thought out...the list goes on!

Read below for 5 ideas you can implement on your social media channels to brand your business.


The most obvious way to brand your social media content is through your images. As mentioned before, every post on social media should be accompanied by some sort of visual, whether that be a photo, video or gif. A good way to brand your content is to stick to one or two filters on photos or videos each time you post. This will create consistency and cohesiveness, making it easy for viewers to eventually be able to quickly identify your brand, just by looking at the visual. You can use filters from Instagram, VSCO or work with Photoshop to create that perfect look. There are a ton of platforms that offer filter options out there, so this tip should be super simple to implement into your marketing strategy!


Think about ways you can express your content through images in a cohesive way. Do you have one spot that has great light where you can photograph your different products? That way, every time you post a photo of your product, your audience recognizes it’s your brand before even reading the details. Do you have one specific prop you can include in each post? By creating uniformity, this once again will make your brand cohesive and easily-recognizable. Get creative!


If you have text that accompanies your visual images (overlaying your images, above your images, etc.) that provides more information, ensure you are sticking to the same font and color across all visuals.


This goes for logos too, it’s always a good idea to include your logo somewhere in the visuals you are posting (just make sure your logo has a transparent background or else it could end up looking not-so-great!). Whether you have three emojis that you like to use every time you post an Instagram, a certain design (or logo) overlayed on the visual, make it consistent across all posts!


Branding doesn’t have to be all about the visuals. Consistency is key! If you are creating a consistent post schedule across digital marketing, your audience begins to expect that content at a certain time. This is what you want! Loyal followers looking forward to your content, whether that be an Instagram post, a Tweet or an email blast that shows up around the same time each day. You can also think about posting certain content on certain days. Say every Tuesday you post a BTS's photo (behind the scenes). If you do this, you are then branding content topics with a consistent schedule.

  • Brand your social media content to ultimately create a larger following that can easily recognize your brand through your cohesive visual content

  • Stick with the same fonts, styles, logos, symbols to enhance branding

  • Make effort to carry your branding not only across digital but across traditional marketing materials as well


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